Hamburgische Bürgerschaft

What is Hamburg Parliament?

State Parliament and Municipal Representation
Hamburg is a state of the Federal Republic of Germany and at the same time a local authority district. Thus Hamburg Parliament is not only a state parliament but also has responsibilities which are typical of a municipal representation.

The most important functions of Hamburg Parliament are:

  • legislation,
  • election of the Lord Mayor,
  • confirmation of Senators appointed by the Mayor,
  • monitoring the Senate,
  • budgetary power.

It not only passes state laws but also decides on the budget for the city. Hamburg Parliament is involved in building projects or fares for public transport and prices for utilities, to name but a few.

Of the three constitutional organs (Parliament, Senate and constitutional courts), Hamburg Parliament is the only one where the representatives are elected directly by the population.

The 121 representatives of Hamburg Parliament are elected in free and anonymous elections. They only have to answer to their conscience and are not tied to third parties. They are representatives of the entire population. They assume the obligation to represent the political interests of the people.
At the head of Hamburg Parliament are the President and the four Vice Presidents, who are elected by the representatives.