Hamburgische Bürgerschaft

Who works in Parliament?

Hamburg Parliament is the state parliament of Hamburg, which is called "Landtag" in other states. Hamburg Parliament's 121 members are chosen every four years by the electorate in Hamburg.

The members of parliament are united in parliamentary groups. Parliamentary groups are formed by members of the same political party or by politicians sharing the same political orientation. Plenary sittings are held every two weeks.

Varios groups and committees work on different parliamentary tasks, supporting the work of the plenary assembly.

At the head of the Hamburg Parliament is the Presidency. The President and the four Vice Presidents are elected by the members of parliament from amongst their ranks.

The Parliamentary Advisory Committee supports the work of the President. In the Parliamentary Advisory Committee, the representatives of the parliamentary groups agree upon the procedures for parliamentary work.

The committees assume important tasks, helping Hamburg Parliament to reach decisions. They are the work groups of Hamburg Parliament.